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Martin Koloc’s twins heading to single-seaters: They have been invited by Schumacher!

If you have ever been interested in motorsport, you have surely heard of Eliška Junková and Martin Koloc. What do they have in common? Maybe more than you would think! A multiple European Truck Racing champion is a proud father of two daughters, twins Aliyyah and Yasmeen. And both have been invited to Formula 4 testing by Ralf Schumacher himself!


Martin Koloc’s twins heading to single-seaters: They have been invited by Schumacher!

Maybe it will not take long before the Czech Republic has a successful woman as a racing driver again, after a very long time. Back in her days, Eliška Junková was the fastest woman of the planet and the only one to match her men competitors on the Grand Prix level. Now, there are Aliyyah Koloc and Yasmeen Koloc, who might try to do the same thing. Their father is Martin Koloc, a Buggyra Racing team owner and someone who has been involved with motorsport for the past 30 years. Both 16-years-old have had their beginnings in karting and they seem to be big talents for the future. With just a bit of exaggeration, you could say that they can drive anything with a steering wheel.


It comes as no surprise that people notice such talents. And the interest did not come from anybody else than Ralf Schumacher himself, a six-time Grand Prix race winner. Aliyyah and Yasmeen are now preparing for their first Formula 4 testing with a team led by Michael Schumacher’s brother and Antonín Charouz. “As far as I know, Aliyyah has already an experience with a truck and Mercedes GT from Most and she did well. And Yasmeen is on a similar level,” said Antonín Charouz who has brought several talents into the world of top motorsport. Let us wait what is going to happen, but we will keep you posted on how the testing goes. But we are all so excited to have a new Eliška Junková. And maybe even two of them…

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