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Petr Bosnakov - 21.07.2021

Martin Šoltys is out, Ignacio Casale is the leader

Nothing lasts forever, and Martin Šoltys' tenure in Buggyra colours is no exception to the rule. The four-time Dakar Rally participant has taken part in the world's toughest long-distance event in both South America and Saudi Arabia.


Martin Šoltys is out, Ignacio Casale is the leader

According to team principal Martin Koloc, the reason for the sophisticated break-up is the new direction Buggyra Racing is taking. "Martin is a reliable driver capable of delivering highly consistent performances on the edge of the top ten. That's also why he was given a special automatic gearbox ahead of this year's Dakar, which saw him break into the top ten for the first time during his time in the competition. But we are currently building two new, dare I say revolutionary, specials that require a different type of driver," explains Martin, who refuses to specify the revolutionary nature of the new race trucks. "You will know everything in due course. For now, I would like to thank Martin Šoltys for his service in Buggyra colours. The number one driver will be Ignacio Casale, in addition we are preparing the Buggyra Academy drivers. We won't be asking for fast results from the team's number two, but rather the ability to learn. With Josef Machacek being part of the team in addition to Ignacio, he will definitely have a lot to learn from."


Martin Šoltys is also of the opinion that life does not end with the end of the engagement with Buggyra. "I got the opportunity to be part of a professional team, which I appreciate very much. Thanks for the opportunity to drive four Dakar, the experience and the unforgettable experiences."  


Buggyra Racing's Chief of communication Jan Kalivoda confirmed that the termination of cooperation was completely fair on both sides. "Martin had signed a one-year contract, we evaluated the last year, communicated our ideas to each other and agreed that he would become a free agent. I would also like to thank him for what he has done for the team in four years. Martin is the type of driver who can subordinate his short-term self-interests to the long-term interests of the team. Something tells me that we will meet again at the Dakar. So, good luck."


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