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Master ´s Chase

Master ´s Chase

In the last race David at least partly improved his Saturday mood. His chase was worth a master.

He overcame the first record in the opening part of the race when after start from the last row he overtook eighteen trucks in the course of the first lap and ranked tenth. At that moment, however, the organizers interrupted the race after a mass collision. "I did not know whether the laugh or to cry. The boys toiled on the truck until complete exhaustion and so I promised them a score. I started so excellently and suddenly the stop," recapitulated David the opening part of the tourney. And as he showed after the restart, even this unpleasant happening did not distract him from his aim. In the course of the very first lap he again moved to a scored rank. But that was not the end of his gala show. After five laps he ranked seventh after Bösiger, and his former teammate only resisted his pressure for a single lap. Another rival was the very Adam Lacko. He did not have a chance to resist either and was overtaken in the tenth lap! "If somebody told me that I would finally rank fifth after start from the fourteenth row I would not have believed him. Now I feel excellent. Unfortunately we will miss the score from the cup race. But what I did not manage today may be caught up with tomorrow," hoped David after the race. Ellen Lohr, who restarted from the last row, was not lost either, eventually ranking twelfth despite the rear starting position.

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