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Masters´ Chase

Masters´ Chase

People say that every cloud has a silver lining. Today David Vršecký saw for himself in Zolder.

After the prematurely finished cup race he started the handicap race from the last row. In addition due to the fact that for safety reasons the trucks again started one by one he lost the advantage of a quicker truck. "Even though the boys repaired the defect of fuel intake i did not feel very well in the cab," commented David on the opening of the race. Nevertheless in the further progress of the race he accelerated for an unusual performance. In the fourth lap he ranked eighth and in the seventh he enjoyed overtaking Albacete (!!!). In the course of the next lap he overtook Janiec and found himself raking fifth after Martkus Östreich. "When I heard from the pits that I was achieving one half of a second better lap times than the leading Jochen I could not believe that. But Markus was too far ahead of me." The eventually successful handicap race also affected the overall assessment of the day. "I advised that in the first place I would like to resume the position of the best Czech trucker after two years. After the cup race all looked bad but eventually I only lost four score points behind Adam, which due to the progress of the day and the previous advantage is quite acceptable. And I hope for a much better tomorrow," added David.

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