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Matějovský to Jarama

Matějovský to Jarama

Following the racing weekend in Zolder Buggyra will again use both trucks in Jarama next weekend. Like in Most David Vršecký will be supported by Michal Matějovský as his team mate.

Michal accepted the information about his participation in the Jarama races very positively. In his own words, each new race can help him get a better idea about his future in motor sport. “I am currently excited with truck racing and I can imagine myself spending more time and efforts than before in truck racing in near future." His father Stanislav Matějovský welcomes every “hot” test. "In addition Jarama with the numbers and enthusiasm of its audience has always belonged to the favoured circuits,” added the former European champion of 2001.

In relation to Michal ´s start in Jarama a question has arisen whether the technically demanding circuit is not beyond the capabilities of a beginner trucker. “I do not think so. Even though Michal has been around for a short time, he is an experienced racer. As far as I have observed, he is able to accurately estimate his limits in particular situations and adapt his behaviour on the circuit to that. And above all he keeps rising his limits. He may well achieve a decent result," commented on Michal ´s chances David Vršecký, a triple winner of Jarama races.

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