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Matějovský Will Drive Buggyra!

Matějovský Will Drive Buggyra!

What was a subject of speculations last week has become a reality today. In the beginning of September Michal Matějovský will introduce himself at the steering wheel of the second Buggyra at the Most racing circuit.

Execution of the contract concerning start of Michal Matějovský in the European championship race was supported by the positive impression of last Wednesday testing at the same Most circuit by Michal with Buggyra. "I competed with Standa, then the acting European champion. If Michal has selected Buggyra for his truck racing premiere, I can only be happy about that," voiced David Vršecký his opinion. "As far as I know, Michal is the first Czech winning the prestigious FIA ETCC race at the Slovakia Ring this year. I am not afraid that he will get lost among truckers."

Michal views his chances in his truck racing premiere rather soberly. "Of course I would like to win but I am a realist. I will be happy for every score point," he said. At the same time he does not hide that he is extremely well motivated by his father and head of the team in one person. If he manages to rank eighth or better, the European champion of 2001 will spend the rest of the racing weekend in special racing suit for Africa. "Father does not spoil any fun, and so I take it as a big challenge. I and the team will do all to send him to Africa," promised Michal Matějovský.

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