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Maximum of Minimum

Maximum of Minimum

If in the first race the racing luck was with David, in the second race it declined away from him. And so the final sixth rank must be taken as making maximum out of minimum.


Immediately after start David was affected by a collision between Reinert and Lacheze, who hit each other after start. When bypassing them he dropped down to the seventh rank. This would not have been tragic if it were not for the Finnish “slalom racer” Mika Makinen. "While with Adam one can speak about duel, in the case of the Finnish pilot you must speak about nerves. He does not hold the trace at all, and blocks and blocks," described David the ride of the quirky Finnish pilot aliased Crocodile. The beginning of the struggle with the Finnish trucker came paradoxically in the tenth lap when David got off the track when trying to overtake him and dropped to the eighth rank behind Albacete. "Antonio rushed forward like mad and so to sick to him was the best thing to do. Mika probably gave way to him and so I could make use of that to return to the seventh rank.. This time I cannot see the seven as the lucky number but my conscience is clear. I really did my best. Which is sometimes simply not enough."

Eventually David could at least be pleased with the fact that the Hungarian pilot Kiss was told to be culpable for the initial collision and was penalised with 30 seconds, which moved David up to the sixth rank. 

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