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Maximum Satisfaction!

Maximum Satisfaction!

The best entrée since 2008 for David Vršecký! In the opening cup race in Misano he ranked second after the winner Hahn!

Thus right in the very first race David repeated his best ranks of last year at Nürburgring and in Le Mans. His start was well mastered and in one moment he even looked like to be able to "squeeze" in front of Hahn. "But in the very first race riding up to the limits makes no sense, in addition Jochen piloted his truck like a real master and did not leave much space for me," commented David on the beginning of the race. "I knew Albacete was behind me to make my coming laps really difficult." Even though the triple European champion from Spain is one of the hottest favorites for winning the champion title, he did not manage to catch up with Vršecký in the following part of the race. "When I was informed that Kiss was lagging behind and thus Antonio could drive at peace and concentrate on the struggle for the second rank, I concentrated on each meter of the circuit," said the Roudnice trucker. After twelve laps he crossed the finish line as the second. "What more should one wish! Of course, to win, but I feel maximum satisfaction for the time being. To be frank, I did not expect such a good beginning." Mere four ranks were needed for Yuri Jegorov to score a point. "A very good beginning. One can see that BTC have done a good piece of work on development of the vehicle," said the Russian pilot in the finish.

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