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Mičánek Motorsport is dominating ESET iSeries

The third round of ESET iSeries virtual racing championship took place at a virtual version of a Grobnik circuit in Croatia. Josef Záruba won his first-ever race in the series and is currently leading the championship. To make it even better, Záruba together with Jakub Knoll and Michal Makeš have also managed to take the lead in teams’ championship for Mičánek Motorsport.


Mičánek Motorsport is dominating ESET iSeries

“I really like Grobnik. I was doing well in qualifying already, where I set the 2nd fastest time behind Bartek Mirecki. Then, I managed to get ahead of him in the first turn already and then I just controlled the race, while increasing my gap. In Race 2, I had an exciting battle with Petr Fulín. But then he returned to the track in a very unfortunate way and forced us both out of the track. I lost some positions and had to do a recovery drive! Despite all my efforts, I couldn’t do better than 2nd place behind Antonio Citera. However, we’re halfway through the season and our team leads the drivers’ championship and teams’ championship, which is really good,” said Josef Záruba, the current ESET iSeries 2020 championship leader.


For Jakub Knoll, it was about refreshing his memories to a similar situation from a few years back. “These races at Grobnik brought back some memories from the real ESET Cup series from two years ago. A pretty good qualifying followed by a collision that cost me a good result. I like Grobnik, a real and a virtual one. And I’m glad to see the team doing well. Josef Záruba is the main reason why the team is good because he’s fast in both real cars and in a simulator. Michal Makeš has also added lots of points, despite missing some races. I need to improve a bit to play a more important role in the future,” said Knoll.


Michal Makeš had to miss both races due to work, which left only Josef Záruba and Jakub Knoll in the team’s training facilities.

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