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Milan Bydžovský - 03.01.2020

New challenges for Buggyra: Saudia Arabia and Macháček in SSV category

New challenges for Buggyra: Saudia Arabia and Macháček in SSV category

All entrants of the 42nd edition of Dakar Rally are already in place and ready for action, including the Czech team Buggyra Racing. Martin Šoltys and Josef Macháček had tested their vehicles at a shakedown and they await the start of the most difficult rally competition in the world.

As usual, there are always two parties flying to Dakar. First, a large team of mechanics collected the vehicle in Jeddah and prepared it for Thursday’s shakedown. Then, on a New Year’s Day, the main crew, including drivers Martin Šoltys and Josef Macháček, arrived at Saudi Arabia as well. And it didn’t take the Tatra Phoenix driver long to realise that this year’s Dakar will be different.

“The car is working well, and we have no issues. We tested the dunes. We will be worried about the rocks hidden in the dunes, so we must change the tyres every day. But other than that, it’s all fine and we’re happy,” said Šoltys.

It is the same for all drivers. Unlike the last year’s Dakar in South America, there are differences in the sand, a terrain, a course profile and a race distance as well. Just the first stage, that takes place on Sunday, is the 3rd longest one of the whole competition with 752 kilometres, out of which 319 kilometres will count. But before the race begins, the Buggyra Racing team has to go through administrative and technical scrutineerings and a ceremonial start on Saturday.

The Czech team faces a brand-new challenge in the SSV category, where it starts with a Can-Am Buggyra MK50 XRS special with Josef Macháček behind the wheel. “We really welcome this shakedown, because we could not test the sand in Teruel in Spain. We had to find out how our Can-Am behaves in the sand, how it affects the power, the tyres and how it all works. But so far so good, without any issues. However, testing is one thing, while the race itself is another,” said humbly the five-time Dakar winner.

The opening days are not relaxing at all. There are many deadlines, but the team’s manager Jan Kalivoda was very positive about it all on Thursday evening. “We’re sticking to the plan so far. Today, we’ve tested both our race specials and they work well. Hopefully, everything is going to go smoothly tomorrow. The scrutineerings are not easy. Then we just hand over our vehicles to Parc-fermé and we will await the start, that we’ve been working for and looking forward to for the whole year.”

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