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Nittel Ranks Second!

Nittel Ranks Second!

Life success was scored in the handicap race by the German pilot Uwe Nittel, who ended with the excellent second rank. Only the leader of the interim ranking Antonio Albacete was beyond his strength.

An incredible portion of bad luck was waiting for David Vršecký in Zolder today. Before the race even started he was penalised for alleged exceeding of the speed limit. But he could not make use of the advantage of starting from the first row, for the mechanics did not manage to replace the servo of his truck in the end, despite trying as hard as they could. “I do not know how to comment on this. Or precisely speaking I do know what to say, but my comment would be non-publishable,” said David with an expression of downfall in his face. Thus the reputation of Buggyra was rescued by Uwe Nittel in Zolder. The German trucker started excellently, and took the second rank after the Russian pilot Lvov. Then Albacete overtook both of them and took the lead, but Uwe still held the third rank with a chance for the bronze medal. “I felt Ok and my truck worked perfectly. Even though Adam Lacko was teasing me from behind, I believed I could manage him after the victorious duel in the cup race,” described Uwe the progress of the first half of the race. In the tenth lap the second Buggyra driver drew his portion of the proverbial good luck. The MAN of the Russian began to lose and its performance dropped. And because Lacko, Hahn and Östreich had no chance, Nittel finished with the excellent second ranking. "I am very happy. I only regret David ´s problems. But I hope I have managed to hold the Buggyra flag sufficiently high. Now my only task left is to win," said Uwe immediately before the prize-giving ceremony.

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