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Nittel "Scored Out" Renault

Nittel "Scored Out" Renault

Not even the second Saturday race at the Le Mans circuit allowed David Vršecký to see the chessboard flag. Uwe Nittel again ranked sixth.

The European champion starting from the last row again managed the first lap excellently and fought his way to the tenth rank. However, in the second lap he reported a technical failure and had to give up the race. “There is no point in being angry. This is what truck racing is about. I have just thrown Saturday over the shoulder and I am beginning to think about how to best prepare for tomorrow,” said David in the pits. On the other hand Uwe Nittel, who was penalized with 25 seconds before the start for his duel with Janiec, moving him to the tenth row in the starting grid from the sixth, eventually scored points. And what is more, the German newcomer to truck racing with Buggyra managed to leave behind both Bösiger and Östreich. Uwe Nittel: "I am happy with the sixth rank and the scalps of two European champions. I certainly agree with what David has said: Every race is different and with a little bit of luck you can manage anything."

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