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Nittel Shocked Nogaro!

Nittel Shocked Nogaro!

Only the second race and already the winners´ rostrum? Impossible for the majority of racers!

The newcomer in the Buggyra colours, Uwe Nittel, rewrote the history by his third rank in the handicap race at Nogaro! While Vršecký started from the last row due to the failure in the previous race, Nittel started from the second row. The German newcomer started excellently and he even ranked second for some time. In the course of the first two laps, however, the trio Bösiger, Östreich and Hahn overtook Uwe. "I was well, even the fifth ranking would have been excellent. I did my job and watched with interest the struggles in front of me," described the German trucker the happenings on the race track. In the seventh lap he could see a very interesting instant in the form of a clash between Östreich and Lvov. Uwe ranked third in a moment. "I had information from the pits that Bösiger´s truck was not performing very well and that Janiec was quite far away. Eventually I reached the winners´ rostrum. Super. I thank to all who contributed to my success." David Vršecký did a very good job. Despite his starting from the last row, in the course of seven laps he worked his way forward to the seventh rank. Then technical problems started again. “At that moment I said to myself that another zero in a single day would look very horrifying. Eventually I pushed my truck to the finish with the force of my will after disqualification of the domestic Janiec for six score points, which are very valuable for me. I am amazed by Uwe´s performance,” assessed David after the race.

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