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No Change for Now!

No Change for Now!

For the first time in the seven-year history of Truck Racing Magazine the editorial office of the only monthly specialising in truck racing has decided not to publish results of the competition for the Newcomer of the Year. The deputy editor-in-chief Karel Kříž commented on this decision very briefly and laconically with “No people”.

His opinion can hardly be objected to when you look at the results table of last year ´s championship. Neither newcomer, the pair of newcomers including the Hungarian trucker Balázs Szóbi and the Russian racing driver Mikhail Konovalov (both from MAN team), despite their efforts, reached the qualities of the previous holders of the trophy, David Vršecký, Adam Lack, Markus Altenstrasser or Jean-Philippe Belloc. "During last year ´s testing in Nogaro Szóbi made a very good impression on me. But when it came to the races he was far from being that good. Konovalov in a way paid for replacing Gerd Körber, with whom he could not compare however hard he tried," explains the absence of a strong newcomer last year the European Champion and holder of the newcomer of the year title from 2002 David Vršecký. His fellow trucker of the Buggyra team and the second best driver of last year ´s championship Markus Bösiger proposes a change in the rules of the competition. The rules say, among other things, that a newcomer aspiring to the prize should at least once end on the winners´ rostrum after a cup race or attract attention with an extraordinary performance. "Regarding the current distribution of forces in the championship the first condition is nearly impossible to meet at present and in near future. Maybe only if Gerd Körber or Markus Östreich returned and received the status of newcomers," maintains the Swiss driver. "A newcomer would have a theoretical chance to reach at the winners´ rostrum only if eight of the best ten truckers did not finish the race. And the question is whether this would then be an extraordinary performance?" As Karel Kříž says, the editors are not against clashes of opinions, but for this season the rules will not be changed yet. "We have discussed this in the office and decided that there is no point in making hasty conclusions. We will see what direction the next season will go. Maybe the newcomers will be better off than last year."

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