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Petr Bosnakov - 30.04.2021

No room for errors at Nogaro

Just like it was announced after testing at Most, Aliyyah Koloc, Adam Lacko and Téo Calvet are going to spend the first days of next week at Nogaro, France.


No room for errors at Nogaro

And the event is pretty much taking place at the home circuit, as Nogaro is a base for Buggyra Academy. “When I started, I didn’t really like Nogaro. But then, the circuit went through reconstruction and they have built new facilities. In 2004, I won there despite an atypical rain, which the team boss Egon Allgauer didn’t really like, as he was racing as well. He was walking around the paddock saying that I’m too brassy,” laughs Adam. “I spoke with David and Robin that while we’re not expecting tropical temperatures, we can still test biodiesel in warm conditions and with new engine settings. Also, unlike Most, Nogaro is closer to Hungaroring where we’re going to start the new season.”


And Aliyyah Koloc, who took her first sensational victory there, also likes the Circuit Paul Armagnac at Nogaro. “I’m not enough experienced yet to rate each circuit, but David told me that he likes circuits where he wins. That makes sense. And I like driving any race car, so I’m excited,” she says.


And Téo Calvet is also looking forward to the testing and he lives much closer to Nogaro than Aliyyah and Adam. “Like everybody, I prefer racing, but testing is the basic stone. I’m looking forward to take care of my guests like they always take care of me so nicely when I’m in Czechia,” says the youngster.

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