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Petr Bošnakov - 21.05.2020

Number 7 for Koloc

It has been said many times already, but this year it is 25 years since Martin Koloc’s first European Championship title in European Truck Racing series. To celebrate this achievement, he shared these 7 moments from his career as a driver and manager, as his biggest races.


Number 7 for Koloc

1.       Jarama 1996 

MK: „It was the very final race of the season, in which I defended my championship title. They went after me all season long. After a penalty, I had to start from the back of the grid and I made a bet with my team that after Turn 1, I will be back on points. And it really happened, as I pushed around 8 trucks ahead of me. Then I left the truck and went on to celebrate the championship…” 


2.       Most 1997

MK: „For this season, we had built a brand-new Praga special, but the title was won by Lenz in advance. On Friday, our gearbox fell apart. Old Mr. Půr, Slávek’s father, one of our long-time engineers, brought a new one in his Škoda Forman which almost did not make it with such heavy cargo! But in the end, for the first time I managed to win everything that I could win at Most. “


3.       Thruxton 1997

MK: „That was unbelievable. Me and Lutz Bernau hooked to the other by wheel bolts and we got into the air. It was a big impact. After an hour, an ambulance took me to the local medical centre. There were ten ladies with a morning urine, and I was told to wait. So, I just packed my stuff and went home. “


4.       Zolder 2002

MK: „The first-ever championship victory for Buggyra. After Most, where Gerd lost an injector, a cheap part, in the formation lap of a Cup race, it looked like we lost all our championship hopes. But Gerd Körber did not give up and won at Zolder. There is even a picture of me carrying him on my arms. I would not be able to do that again these days. “


5.       Lausitzring 2002

MK: „Just a year before, I invited the whole team at Lausitz to a meeting and told them that if they don’t want to fully respect rules of our team, they can go home and I’d pay the tickets for a train. The next season, we fought for the championship. And it was quite a drama! Vršecký broke his hand in Friday’s qualifying. Gerd pushed as hard as he could, but with 4 laps to go, it still looked like Luostarinen is going to win. But then Harri’s turbo gave up. That sometimes happens in racing.”


6.       Nürburgring 2003

MK: „The first and penultimate win for a Czech driver in the Super Race Truck category. Just before the race, it started raining and while Gerd is usually great in the rain, David had always struggled. Yet, he was able to pass Albacete and take the lead. Then he closed the gap to Gerd who was fighting with Markus Östreich for the championship. And he wanted me, as a team boss, to use team orders. But I did not do anything like that, maybe that made him angry. Antonio finished 3rd and Buggyra took the whole podium.“


7.       Jarama 2008

MK: „I always believed that David could become a champion. I had to wait 10 years. Also, Jarama hosted the first-ever season finale where the championship was decided between two drivers from the same manufacturer. Bösiger was defending his title against Vršecký. Whoever got ahead, was crowned a champion. David was leading the championship before the final race. I was watching it live online from Dubai and even took the team’s shirt on. And in the end, it worked out. I was so happy… “

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