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Petr Bosnakov - 11.06.2021

Only a couple of hours before ETRC 2021 season begins

This weekend marks the beginning of a new European Truck Racing Championship season at Hungaroring. The new season hopes to be there for the end of the COVID pandemic in Europe. There will be 16 drivers fighting for the championship title, 4 previous European champions and 5 manufacturers are going to battle in their own championship. This year’s ETRC season will set a new milestone in its history, as for the first time ever, all racing specials are going to use renewable fuels.


Only a couple of hours before ETRC 2021 season begins

Buggyra Racing is entering three of its drivers – Adam Lacko, Téo Calvet and Aliyyah Koloc. And their goals are clear. “As always, Adam will focus on the championship battle, but it’s going to be tough against competition like Hahn, Albacete and Kiss. But he can do it – he’s experienced and he’s a calm strength. Téo showed at Charade last weekend, that he can aim for the TOP 6. Meanwhile, Aliyyah’s task is to learn, to try to get into the TOP 10 and get some points,” explains Martin Koloc his team’s plans. “A bit immodestly, I’d say that we’ve scored our first victory before the season even began. When we started with an eco-friendly programme in truck racing, we were dreamers. But this year is the first when all the fuel used in the series is going to come from renewable resources. And TOTAL is a guarantee for quality.” 


Ready for battle

Adam Lacko has no problems with being one of the favourites. “I’ve never been as excited for racing like this year. It’s going to be a tough championship. Jochen will never have enough titles, Norbert has returned to MAN, Antonio got a new motivation following his 2nd place in 2019. So, the one who makes the least mistakes, wins,” says the 2017 European champion, who has not missed a TOP 3 championship result in the past five years. “Buggyra DV21 has all signs of a winning machine, so let’s wait and see what about our competition. But I expect a tight battle until the very end.” “My dad fought with Martin for the championship, but he’s going to consider a 6th place finish as a success in the first full season in the European series,” added Téo Calvet. “Four European champions, and also Sasha Lenz, René Reinert or Steffi Halm. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s a right challenge.”


And Aliyyah Koloc, who is going to cheer for her sister while in Hungary, also has no problems with her goals. “She’s going to be racing a Renault Clio in Poznan at the same time, in Round 03 of the ESET Cup series. We’ll be sending each other energy,” she adds with laughter. “In April, I was racing with a Mercedes-AMG GT3 at Hungaroring and wondering how could trucks be racing there? Well, I’m just about to find out.” 


Everything can happen in the manufacturer’s championship

Just like in the last unfinished year, Buggyra is going to trust Adam Lacko and Téo Calvet for the team events once again. “If we don’t win, it’s not the end of the world. But why not to try it,” says Martin Koloc, but he knows it’s going to be difficult. “Titan will be racing with Albacete and Kiss (MAN), they both have won 5 European championships together. And I can that says it all. Jochen Hahn and Stephanie Halm (Iveco) are going to defend the championship title from 2019. I’m really curious to see what’s going to happen.”


Adam Lacko, who won the manufacturer’s championship with David Vršecký, remains an optimist. Four European champions in three teams, that’s going to be rough. Antonio and Norbert have the highest individual ambitions, so let’s wait and see. Also, the team’s event is unpredictable, and anything can happen.”


Under the TV spotlight

As the title suggests, the TV channel Sport 5 is going to broadcast live races from the European championship. “Of course, it’s going to help. It’s a very attractive sport, that doesn’t have as tight restrictions like some other circuit racing series. Despite it’s going to be an ecological championship this year, I like how it’s presented with truck racing and good old times,” says the head of communication for Buggyra Racing Jan Kalivoda. “Then it’s even more important to know that the current promoter ETRA will be running the championships until 2025. We know that media likes stability.”

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