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Opening Fourth Rank

The first cup race opened the first racing day of the sixth weekend of the European Race Truck Championship in Smolensk this Saturday. David Vršecký ranked fourth, Yuri Jegorov eleventh.

Despite the unpredictable pair Östreich-Lacko at his back at the start, David managed to hold the fourth post-start rank. "I managed the start well, for a couple of moments I even found myself in front of Hahn, but on the outer side and so I lost the rank after the next curve," described David the beginning of the race. In the course of the race he then stuck to the third Hahn while the fifth Östreich eventually lost nearly nine seconds, and the sixth Lacko even over twelve. "Even though I have already experienced more dramatic races, I am quite satisfied nevertheless. I managed to keep pace with the acting European champion and I have again defeated Östreich."

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