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Östreich Instructed!

Östreich Instructed!

Fifth rank belonged to David Vršecký at the end of the opening Sunday cup race in Smolensk. The trucker of Roudnice thus defended his raking from the super pole.

Before the race David expressed his satisfaction with starting from the inner side of the circuit. However, immediately after start he was forced to admit that the position was not very convenient this time. "Antonio did not manage the start very well and the boys starting “from the outside” benefited from that: Hahn, Bösiger and Adam," explained David, who ranked sixth after start behind Östreich. "That was another thing I was very pleased with. After yesterday ´s incident we were both invited to the tower and received a warning, which in practice meant ban of the slightest contact.” For the rest of the race Vršecký tried to overtake Östreich. Finally with success, when the Roudnice trucker managed a duel of champions. "I attacked Markus from the outside and he made a mistake. As is typical of him, he tried to push me out, and so both of us ended off the circuit for a while. I got in front of him without the slightest contact, with is pleasing,” revealed David after the race. 

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