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Peaceful Conclusion

Peaceful Conclusion

David Vršecký closed the finally successful Russian weekend with the fifth rank in the handicap race. Yuri Jegorov scored again with the ninth rank.

Right after start David tried to overtake Markus Bösiger, but the blocking Reinert was against. However, he did not stay on the seventh rank for long and overtook Bösiger in the next lap to enjoy overtaking Reinert afterwards. He suddenly found himself ranking fifth and there were still ten more laps to the end of the race. "I had Östreich and Hahn in front of me. I expected they would soon reach the second Major and that something would happen. In addition I could see Albacete in my rear view mirrors," explained David. However, the pilots in front of him decided for a relaxed race. "If the race took place at Nürburgring then Markus and Jochen would probably fight. Here they remained calm. I and Antonio accepted their tactics." David was satisfied with the fifth rank, the Sunday happenings and the whole racing weekend. "It if were not for the tragedy of Lukáš I would talk about a very successful racing weekend. Overall I ranked third after Antonio and Jochen, and again beat Kiss and Östreich. We are quick in the super pole. This is a good start."

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