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Pink Buggyra Shows Its Back to All Opponents, Lacko Wins in the End!

Pink Buggyra Shows Its Back to All Opponents, Lacko Wins in the End!

Adam Lacko caused the Czech national anthem to be played at the end of the Belgian racing weekend, after driving his pink Buggyra through a dramatic race to the victorious finish under the checkered flag. Vršecký ranked fifth despite his health problems.

In the after noon the sun appeared among the clouds over the Zolder circuit and the threat of rain disappeared. David Vršecký ´s starting position in the second row was more advantageous before the final race of the weekend. Adam Lacko was placed in the third row after the fourth rank in the previous cup race.

The greatest drama after start was prepared by the first line with the domestic Jean-Pierre Blaise and František Vojtíšek. David had to brake too due to their collision, though, thus dropping to the seventh rank. The whole situation was utilised by Adam Lacko, on the other hand, who managed to get up to the second rank behind Markus Bösiger. But the engine f the Swiss pilot began to release smoke in the fifth lap and thus Lacko got to the lead, which he as not prepared to give up to anybody. Behind him a great struggle for the silver rank took place.

"I could not believe what was happening after start. I did not believe that anything would go well this weekend but it eventually did. We have again scored a lot over thirty points, which is great,“ said Adam after the race.

In the third lap David Vršecký managed to overtake Vojtíšek and get to the sixth rank. Then he began to make up for the loss behind the trio Albacete, Hahn and Kiss. Neither the German nor the Hungarian pilot were happy with their ranks and tried the Spaniard lap by lap. David made us of this and shortened the advantage of the pilots in front of him. But eventually this train passed the finish line in unchanged order and the torturous weekend marked with health problems of David Vršecký eventually drew to the end.

"I am really glad it is over. The whole weekend was troublesome for me and I am looking forward to returning home and going to bed to get well before the next races. I could not do much this time. The pilots in front of me crashed and I lost my rank thanks to them,“ added David with acquiescence.

In the interim ranking Lacko maintained his fourth rank with sovereignty and Vršecký, who lost the fifth rank on Saturday, won it back on Sunday. By the Sunday victory in the constructors´ cup the Buggyra team did not lose the second overall rank in the team competition.

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