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Pity This Was Not a Podium ...

Pity This Was Not a Podium ...

David Vršecký ranked fourth in the Sunday cup race in Nogaro. Yuri Jegorov did not finish the race.

Immediately after start Markus Östreich impeccably pushed David off the track and thus our pilot lost a rank. "Nothing against the jury, but if I was penalised yesterday for not leaving enough space to Adam, I do not know how Markus should be punished for his deed," reacted David to this after the race. In the following course of the race he easily fought back attacks of Kiss, at the same time trying to get back to the third rank in front of Östreich. "Markus, however, is a very experienced pilot, and in addition he has a real good truck. I am only pleased with the fact that most of the time my lap times were virtually the same as his." David coped with the fourth rank. "What can you do. Pity this was not a podium but you do not find ten score points lying on the ground ready for you every day."

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