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Podium for Buggyra! Lacko Wins in Most, Vršecký Ranks Third!

Podium for Buggyra! Lacko Wins in Most, Vršecký Ranks Third!

The European Race Truck Championship continued on Saturday late afternoon with the second cup race where the Czech Buggyra team won the Constructors Cup competition. The individual victory was celebrated by Adam Lacko and the excellent result was underlined by the third rank of David Vršecký.

Although the skies were overcast before the second cup race again, the circuit was dry for the race itself. The crowded auditorium expected another thrilling battle of the five and a half tonne monsters.

After reversing the order of the first eight ranks from the first race David Vršecký started from the second row, and his back was watched by Adam Lacko. The first double curve was again quite crowded after start but this time without any major pushing around. The pole position was defended by Anthony Janiec, followed by David Vršecký after an excellent start. Adam Lacko started even better, moving immediately from the fifth rank to the third right after David.

Under great applause of the Czech fans David Vršecký tried to attack the French pilot in nearly every curve, but the narrow Most circuit did not give many opportunities to the Czech pilot. At the end of the fifth lap Vršecký attacked the first rank which an inevitable contact and slowing down. His team mate Adam Lacko made the best use of this and got to the lead. In the starting double curve also Antonio Albacete overtook Vršecký and Buggyra with the number 33 dropped to the third rank.

Lacko built a two-second advantage in the lead and kept increasing it till the finish. He passed under the chessboard flag accompanied with stormy applause of the main tribune which granted him a standing ovation. The excellent result of the domestic team was underlined by the third final rank of David Vršecký.

*"Although the first rank is rewarded with the same score here like in Italy, this victory obviously pleases more. We managed to control the race after start, which was extremely important. David tried to attack Janiec in the last curve of the track but was not completely successful, which I used to get to the lead. It is a fantastic feeling to win in front of our sponsors and fans,“ *said the happy Lacko after the race.

*"After the successful start I though about repeating our double from Italy. But not always things develop as planned. The outcome of my attack of Janiec was not exactly what I wanted which cost me one rank. But I am glad both of us climbed the podium in front of the domestic audience,“* said the bronze Vršecký.

The Buggyra team won a Constructors´ Cup in Most, thus reinforcing the second overall rank in the interim ranking. Lacko keeps the overall fourth rank after the victory, while Vršecký moves one rank up to the fifth overall ranking.

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