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Podium Was Close

Podium Was Close

A mere one rank up would have moved David Vršecký to the podium after the handicap race at the Istanbul Park circuit. The trucker of Roudnice added to his trophies valuable scalps of the Östreich-Bösiger couple, though.

“The end was fine, the truck is stable. But anyway we will have to work on the beginnings of the races a bit,” said Vršecký immediately after the handicap race started from the second row. Unfortunately, still in the course of the first lap he was overtaken by Östreich and Lacko, and thus the Buggyra pilot dropped to the fifth rank. “I knew it would be difficult, for Jochen and Antonio are somewhere else but I still continued to believe,” described David the situation after the fifth lap, when he was overtaken by Albacete. Like in the cup race David managed excellently the end of the race. "Antonio attacked Östreich with his typical go-ahead manner. I said to myself: Why not make use of that? Regarding the circumstances, I am happy with the fourth rank,” confirmed David after the race.

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