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Podium Was Near Again!

Podium Was Near Again!

A heroic one was David Vršecký ´s performance at the Instanbul Park circuit in the final handicap race of the weekend. Even though he started from the last row, he managed to finish a single rank below the podium!

Before the start of the last race of the truck racing weekend David received an apology from the German newcomer to truck racing, Reinert, whose crazy act deprived him of his chances for a decent ranking in the cup race. “Although this cannot return the score to me, at least I noticed the honest upbringing of the boy. What a pity I could not turn it to a cup now. My team would deserve it for the concert played by them in between the two races," maintained the satisfied Vršecký after the race. Although David started from the last row, after the first lap he already ranked sixth, and in the fourth lap he moved right behind the third Hahn, with a loss of three seconds behind him. “I am realistic enough to know that Jochen is only racing here with himself, and therefore would go forward soon. But I quite believed I could manage Markus Östreich," commented David on the second half of the race. But further development of the race showed that even though the machine of the German trucker began to fade, he was still able to sell his experience. “He drove not too fast but technically without any mistake. He excellently watched the trace and gave me no chance. But the seven score points will help as well.”

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