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Potato Medal after a Fight

Potato Medal after a Fight

David Vršecký scored ten points for the fourth rank in today ´s cup race at Jarama circuit. Ellen Lohr finally ranked twelfth.

All was decided for David in the opening of the race, when Albacete uncompromisingly closed our pilot by the wall. "I had to brake heavily and only noticed Bösiger overtaking me. I believed I was able to manage him, but I knew it would not be easy," confessed David in the finish. At that time he already knew that his prediction would come true. "Antonio is at home and strives for the champion title. Markus is a very experienced pilot able to defend a track. Eventually I overtook him in the tenth lap but the podium was terribly far way at that moment. So the potato medal for me. I hope in a podium after the handicap race," hoped David.

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