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Praise to FIA!

Praise to FIA!

While last season was characterised, among other things, by speculations about legitimacy of tyres used by the individual teams, this year this problem seems to be resolved! Unlike the previous seasons, the championship will have an exclusive “distributor” of tyres, the Truck Racing Organization (TRO) headed by Fabien Calvet.

The organisation is an association of team owners founded in Paris before the beginning of the past season. Thus the European championship will have a single tyre supplier, Goodyear seeming to be the hottest candidate. Tyre distribution will be carried out as follows. The best ten pilots will receive six tyres per racing special at the beginning of each day of the racing weekends. They will have to manage both the time practice and the cup race as well as the handicap race with them. If the time practice is scheduled for Friday, like for example at the Nürburgring, after the end of the time practice the pilots will return the tyres to the TRO representatives. The tyres will be provided with identification, sealed and returned to the individual pilots on the following day. Jan Kalivoda, the manager of Buggyra, sees the FIA decision as a very meritorious one. “FIA has only confirmed with this new rule that last season there were machinations of some teams about the tyres. The efforts we made in this respect have been rewarded in the end, which we are obviously glad about. All will have the same chances, which will only increase the value of truck racing. And that is what we should go for in the first place,” said Jan Kalivoda in response to the FIA decision.

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