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Prayers Have Been Heard

Prayers Have Been Heard

Sixth rank was David Vršecký´s result in today ´s cup race on the Nogaro circuit. It is necessary to say that regarding the circumstances this was an output from the category of heroic performances!

David started from the sixth position in the starting grid. But still in the course of the first lap he managed to overtake Adam Lacko by an excellent manoeuvre and move to the fifth rank. However, he only held the rank till the fourth lap when Adam took his "revenge" and overtook David in return. "I attempted at the impossible but Adam is a too experienced pilot not to notice that I had problems. You can fight back for a couple of laps but not throughout the race,“ this is how the trucker of Roudnice described the moment when he lost the fifth rank. But that was not the end of the drama. “The dials showed that the engine was constantly overheating, which suddenly resulted in two seconds slower lap times than in the time practice. I prayed for getting to the finish somehow. Vršecký´s prayer were heard in the end and the result was six score points for the sixth rank. “I am extremely glad for this score. The engine lost performance every second and the temperature pointer pointed moved dangerously upwards. Eventually all ended up well. Golden points, regarding the circumstances,“ said David immediately after the race.

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