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Premature End

Premature End

David Vršecký only covered less than two laps in the first handicap race of the weekend. His contact with Markus Bösiger ended his racing ambitions soon after start.

David started from the third row and ended the race a couple hundred meters after start. "It looked poor from the very beginning, in the very first curve I felt that the steering was caput, described David the beginning of the race. "I lost a lot of ranks and tried to continue in good faith hoping that things would begin to work somehow. But in this case good faith was not enough.“ Despite the partial failure David remained optimistic. "As far as I know I have reduced Kiss ´s advantage by seven points and only lost four with Östreich. If this was my today ´s portion of bad luck, then it might have been worse.  I managed to compete with the best in the super pole as well as in the cup race and there is still one more chance tomorrow.“

Michal Matějovský tried hard again and his efforts were enough for 14th rank.

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