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Premature End

Premature End

A dramatic opening with a bad close. This is the definition of the first cup race in Zolder from the viewpoint of David Vršecký.

David started from the sixth rank achieved in the time practice. But the race was interrupted in the very first lap due to the collision of the trio Mäkinen, Bösiger and Major. "When I saw the seventeen-year-old boy hitting the wall in the full speed cold sweat rose on my forehead. Luckily all ended well. What you learn in youth will come in handy in the senior age," commented on the interrupted opening of the race our pilot. The interruption was followed by an unusual start. For the sake of safety the pilots entered the first curve one by one. "An unprecedented requirement but everything is for the first time once," said David in the pits. At that moment he was not very talkative for the race had ended for him four laps before the end because of a technical issue. "The truck simply did not run any longer. I do not know the diagnosis at this moment but I hope the boys will put it together. Racing looks like this sometimes," he added with disappointment.

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