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Premature End for Vršecký!

Premature End for Vršecký!

As a consequence of a post-start mass collision in the final cup race the last day of this year ´s European Championship in Le Mans ended prematurely for David Vršecký. Chris Levett eventually ranked sixth.

Daivd started the cup race as the quickest pilot of the super field. Unfortunately, the final day of this year ´s championship was not for him to enjoy. The reason was that immediately after start an unprecedented collision ended the chances of several pilots. While some sources said that the collision was caused by a failed start of Östreich, the most likely culprit of the mass crash was the highly over-motivated Anthony Janiec, starting from the third position. First the local pilot hit David Vršecký, and then a domino effect eliminated several other trucks. The victims of the collision included, in addition to Vršecký, Albacete, Nittel, Oliver, Lvov and Makkinen. Albacete and Nittel ended in hospital. While the German pilot seems to be all right, Albacete is said to have some broken ribs. “This year ´s Le Mans has ended for David. The truck is completely immobile. The cab is filled with stones from the roadside coat. I did not see anything like that in my life. I am glad David is all right,” said the chief mechanic Vojta Loupal after the race. "I do not want to comment on the incident right now. I hope Antonio and Uwe will be all right. There are more important things in life than cups, scores and victories,” said David. The second Buggyra pilot Chris Levett performed very well after the repeated start and eventually achieved the valuable sixth ranking.

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