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Quite Decent Potato

Quite Decent Potato

David Vršecký was not lost in the second race at the Nürburgring either. After a fight until the very last double curve he eventually ranked fourth.

Unlike Kiss and Hahn, David managed the post-start mess, mainly caused by the go-ahead ride by Östreich at the brink of racing rules violation, and held the fifth rank. "Despite the fact that in comparison to the main race this one is a race for just a couple of score points, the adrenalin was up too much. I said to myself that there was no point in risking anything," explained David the opening strategy selection. His decision appeared to be correct, when in the eighth rank he peacefully overtook Reinert and began to chase the third ranking Östreich. "Even though Markus was far away at that moment, I took that as life testing. When in the last lap I stuck to his rear bumper I was surprised with how quickly my Buggyra rode." At the very end David even looked like being able to win a duel of champions but Markus fought his attack back in the end. "Some talk about the fourth rank as something to be hated but I enjoyed the potato quite a lot this time. If for nothing then for the reason that more points were only scored today by Antonio and Jochen. So I am really satisfied. Which does not mean that I could not do any better."

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