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Quite Satisfied...

Quite Satisfied...

David Vršecký ended the opening day of the racing weekend at the Spanish circuit in Navarra with the fifth rank. Yuri Jegorov ranked sixteenth.

The handicap race was marked by two facts. The first was represented by Anthony Janiec, who moved to the third rank after start and although much slower he managed to keep behind him  train of champions consisting of Vršecký, Hahn, Albacete and Östreich. "I have said to myself several times that if somebody likes racking this way, there is nothing to do against that," commented David the first half of the race. Janiec then became the hero of another decisive event. When Albacete overtook Vršecký Janiec responded with a spin on the track. Östreich made use of the mess and thus the fifth rank was finally left for David. "Decent score regarding the progress of the race! As far as I know Jochen has only gained two score points before me so I am quite satisfied," said David in the finish.

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