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Racing Specials Ready!

Racing Specials Ready!

Towards the end of last week the Most race track saw final testing of the Buggyra International Racing System team at the presence of both racing drivers David Vršecký and Markus Bösiger. Two full testing days, in addition under very favourable weather conditions, confirmed that both racing specials are ready for defence of the achieved positions now, one month before the opening race of the truck racing season at Assen.

"All is well. I am satisfied," confirmed Markus Bösiger before leaving for his home country with eloquence typical of him. And yet it was his racing special that required adjustment due to minor problems with steering. "But this is why the testing takes place after all. Material wear cannot be prevented. The racing is always a lottery stake." The current European champion David Vršecký was a little more eloquent in the results of the testing evaluation. "Last year we had some problems with traction. In this sense we have done a great deal of work. We will be quicker in the slow curves. For example in Nogaro, where I have not won a single race yet," said David, who also praised the changes in the engine. "We have changed the injection a little. The changes have certainly been for the better. At the end of last season we thought that last year ´s truck could not be changed significantly. Luckily we were wrong."

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