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Raining, Raining...

Raining, Raining...

As the programme of the sixth racing weekend of the European Race Truck Championship held this weekend at Nürburgring is very condensed the organizers spread it over three days. Today ´s programme includes two free training sessions and the super pole!

As usual at Nürburgring, stakes can be organised about what the local weather will be like. Today all betting on “overcast with showers” would win. This sort of weather is not David Vršecký´s cup of tea. “On the other hand we console each other that it cannot be raining all weekend and therefore the afternoon super pole will be run on dry road,” hoped David, who took the morning free trainings really freely, with the resulting tenth and sixth lap times. "I usually take free trainings more seriously, weather permitting. Today I only took a peaceful ride and reminded myself of certain sections of the circuit."

In the past five years David did not leave from a single Nürburgring racing weekend without a cup for the winner. Despite the unfavourable weather he does not plan to break this tradition this year either. “As I say, it cannot be raining for three days. As soon as I see the sun I will start tuning up for the winning pitch,” said David, laughing.

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