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Really Successful Weekend!

Really Successful Weekend!

David Vršecký did not see the checkerboard flag in the second cup race in Jarama either. This time his changes were thwarted by his turbocharger.

And yet after the fifth rank in the super pole Vršecký said how nice it was to deal with racing only. David started well but at the entry to the second curve Bösiger starting in front of him seemed to slow him down to help his team mate Lacko. "Markus evidently got me off the track, in addition not without a collision," insisted David after the race. Then he kept the seventh rank until the fifth lap. "Suddenly my truck did not move any more. The diagnosis was clear, the turbo. Perhaps because of the collision. This is really a successful weekend," assessed David sadly but objectively.

Michal Matějovský had problems with gears after start and dropped by thee ranks, to eventually end fourteenth.

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