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Really Wild Opening!

Really Wild Opening!

A lot of excitement was brought about by the very first free training of the weekend Race Truck Grand Prix of the Czech Republic, traditionally held in Most. The hero of the day and the source of the excitement was, against his own will, the Austrian trucker Markus Altenstrasser.

Let us begin with the results. In the first free training the quickest time was achieved by David Vršecký followed by Jochen Hahn and Markus Bösiger. The leader of the interim ranking Antonio Albacete had to be satisfied with the fourth rank this time. The fifth best time was reached by Frankie Vojtíšek. "The training has only confirmed what I said after the testing at Panenský Týnec. My truck works faultlessly, I am much satisfied," said David after the free training came to an end. It must be said that this free training was left unfinished. At its end Markus Altenstrasser of the Frankie Vojtíšek team had a serious accident. "I did not see a crash like this since Manuel Gozal destroyed his truck in the 2006 season," was Markus Bösiger´s comment on the accident. "I have no information and I am not ready to speculate about anything now. I only hope that all will come out well and Markus will be back soon."

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