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Red Flag over the Circuit!

Red Flag over the Circuit!

Sixth rank belonged to David Vršecký today as the result of the opening cup race at the Most circuit. Michal Matějovský ranked fourteenth.

David started from the third row, like yesterday, with the aim to improve the position as much as possible. However, Adam Lacko performed the role of a very successful barrier, fighting back the attack of his rival in the fifth lap. "I got into a rather complicated situation. I think Adam knew he had no chance when filing his protest yesterday. But he calculated with the fact that the stewards would pay maximum attention to me today and that a second even slight contact might not be left without penalty for me,” explained the Roudnice trucker. Further progress of the race was marked by Vršecký´s attempts at overtaking him and Lacko´s skilful defensive. In the tenth lap the red flag appeared over the circuit due to an accident of Orsini (with an ambulance appearing on the track) and the race was thus closed prematurely. "What a pity, I was clearly quicker, but had no chance. Also because my first attack overheated the tyres and I had to wait for them to cool down for another two laps. I hope for the better in the last race of today. And above all I hope Orsini will be all right," hoped Vršecký. Michal Matějovský ranked fourteenth.

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