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Red Ice Arming for Nürburgring!

Red Ice Arming for Nürburgring!

Ten days are left to the start of the race of the year at the Nürburgring. The teams in the stage of preparation include the Russian newcomer Yuri Yegorov, who will pilot a Buggyra.

Despite the concentration on the Nogaro and Donington races in the past two weeks the Czech-Russian communication has continued with the same intensity. “The Red Ice project of the purely Russian team is interesting for us. The more so as the pair Yegorov - Konovalov represents a very serious business partner, which is something to appreciate nowadays," confirmed the team manager Jan Kalivoda adding that with the approaching race the intensity of communication will be increasing. "You can clearly see that the project is managed by professionals, each mail is meaningful from the marketing and business point of view."

David Vršecký´s opinion concerning the cooperation is the same. "Yuri and the people around him believe – unlike many other truckers – that everything needs its time. Our mutual agreement they have strictly complied with so far says that I will give my time to him between Misano and Jarama. Of course I will be happy to give advice at the Nürburgring but I will need to concentrate on my own performance in the first place," confirmed David Vršecký acting in the role of the principal consultant. "We have all agreed that Germany and Russia will be above all about gathering experience. A score point would equal a small miracle. As shown by this championship, for that matter, a score point represents top achievement even for a much more experienced pilot with big ambitions.”

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