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Sand and Shovel!

Sand and Shovel!

For the sake of the approaching testing of the Buggyra racing special 2011 David Vršecký ended his Tunisian mission prematurely. He returned to the Roudnice BTC abounding with new experiences.

The head of the Czech Dakar Team Marek Spáčil defined participation in the Tunisian Rally as live testing before Dakar, is that correct? Vršecký: I agree. We tried many things which I am glad for. Including servicing on the go, a night in the desert, and I also know how to quickly dig the truck out of sand. What is most important, though, is that we managed to tune the crew to the same frequency. You spoke about the race Tatra in superlatives after the testing in Senica, what about now? Vršecký: It is the same after Tunis as well. But to control such a truck is most about experience. The driver must know when to brake and which section can on the other hand be covered with the accelerator down. I would never have believed that such a robust truck might be able to achieve better times than motorcycles or passenger cars, which we really managed in one of the sections. It is fantastic to skideslip curves and push a passenger car in front. How did you manage the role of co-pilot? Vršecký: This question should probably rather be answered by the other members of the crew. They both adhere to the theory that the best thing to teach somebody to swim is to throw him in water. And let him try hard. In my opinion I tried really hard and succeeded. In addition there is one more testing in Senica ahead of us where details will be improved. And the greatest experience from Tunisia? Vršecký: Sand all over. And a shovel. I enjoyed both excessively. This was another excellent aspect of preparation for Dakar. After testing of the Buggyra I will need to work hard on my physical fitness.

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