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Petr Bosnakov - 24.03.2021

Sand in lead role!

After Saudi Arabia, it was time for the United Arab Emirates. The Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing has built a base in a well-known part of the country in Dubai, with a brand-new testing team.


Sand in lead role!

While the experienced Dakar duo – Josef Macháček and Tomáš Enge – is preparing for next challenges, the Can-Am DV21 specials are now being tested by Aliyyah and Yasmeen Koloc. They are being observed by David Vršecký and an experienced mechanic Daniel Pokorný. “In Dubai, we’ve got scheduled stress testing of each component. The girls are going to do well and most importantly they enjoy it. Considering their plans to participate in the Dakar Rally in 2023, it’s pretty much a continuation of their preparation. However, as a slightly biased person, I’m giving all my responsibilities to David. I’m just a spectator here, and of course, I focus on the business side of things,” explains laughing Martin Koloc.


“Saudi Arabia is amazing. We’re testing in a place that’s going to host at least three more Dakar events. On the other hand, everybody apart from Daniel knows Dubai well. It offers better opportunities to do more various testing sessions, as there is sand and also fast pistas. I spoke to David yesterday, they’re doing well,” confirmed the race engineer Robin Dolejš. “While Josef and Tomáš were working on the shock absorbers, the girls are testing new brake components, suspension and geometry. Yesterday, we looked at the data and it’s not looking bad at all…”

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