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Satisfaction within Limits!

Satisfaction within Limits!

Fifth rank was David Vršecký´s result in the wet cup race at the Donington circuit. He believes in favourable weather before the last cup race in Britain.

Even though David does not like wet road at all, he got in front of Bösiger after start and passed the first lap on the fourth position following Östreich.

”I said to myself that if the circuit began to dry out I might try Markus. Unfortunately, in the course of the third lap the rain started again,” described David the beginning of the race. He held the fourth rank for another two laps, but then Bösiger overtook him. “I was glad to be able at least to hold the truck on the road. Markus is better on water, and so I did not want to risk a single contact. In addition Östreich´s truck probably began to leak oil.” Regarding the climatic conditions David considers the final fifth rank the best achievable maximum for the time being. “I received eight points which nobody will deprive me of. And a decent starting position for the next race. So I am satisfied within limits,” commented the double champion his last but one performance in Donington. "As for the last race, I will see. It might be quite good, unless it rains."

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