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Scores are Dominated by Albacete

Scores are Dominated by Albacete

The double Champion of Europe Antonio Albacete (MAN) has been the most diligent collector of points since the unification of the truck racing championship in the Race Truck class in 2005. Three out of the six most successful score collectors of the championship have been Buggyra drivers.

Antonio Albacete collected 1558 score points in the past four seasons, which makes him by far the most successful driver of the four-year period. He can also boast of the highest score accumulated during a season. In 2005 he received 463 score points in ten races, which makes the excellent mean of 46,3 score points per racing weekend. His advantage over the second Allgauer in the same season amounted to the record 83 score points. Last championship season of 2008 placed David Vršecký second with his 1273 score points. Together with Albacete Vršecký has been the only trucker who has managed to step over the limit of 400 score points in the course of a single season. Unlike Antonio David collected his 414 points in nine races, which nearly equalled the record mean per racing weekend achieved by Albacete in 2005. The third ranking in the chart of the most successful score point collectors has been held by the 1213 points of Markus Bösiger. While in the seasons 2005-2006 when driving a MAN he collected together 442 score points, he has been much more successful in the cab of Buggyra, where he has collected 671 score points so far. The six most successfully scoring truckers further include Jochen Hahn (Mercedes, MAN – 1136 points), Gerd Körber (Buggyra, MAN – 944 points) and Egon Allgauer (MAN - 645 points). To stay objective it must be noted that Gerd and Egon, unlike Antonio, David, Markus and Jochen, only raced in three seasons.

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