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Scoring Buggyras!

Scoring Buggyras!

The fifth and the seventh rank were obtained in the cup race at the Albacete circuit today by David Vršecký and Chris Levett. To David this result means a shift in the overall ranking to the sixth rank in front of Markus Bösiger.

In a relatively calm race where the first eight pilots finished with rankings secured by them immediately after start David and Chris scored valuable points. Both pilots of the Czech team defended their positions held at the start from the super field and kept the ranking for the rest of the thirteen lap race. “Someone might be hesitant about that but to be followed for thirteen laps by someone like Markus Bösiger is not easy at all. I have defeated the acting vice-champion of Europe, which is pleasant,” said David after the race. “My truck did not perform badly but I have an idea of one change. I hope we will manage to implement it before the start of the handicap race.”

Chris Levett added the scalp of Östreich, holding the third rank in the overall ranking, as well as a defeat of his countryman Oliver, to his account. “I scored four points and will start from the first row to the handicap race. This starting position for further fights is not bad at all,” commented Chris on the race.

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