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Second Double in Misano!

Second Double in Misano!

Despite the start from the fourth row Markus Bösiger and David Vršecký managed to win another double in Misano! In addition no doubt in one of the most dramatic races of the ongoing season.

Immediately after start the Hungarian driver Balázs Szóbi did not manage to keep control over his truck. Markus Bösiger made use of his mistake, moving forward by three rankings thanks to that. "The race began rather violently, I took several dozen seconds to concentrate again and start overtaking the other drivers”, said Bösiger after the race, in which he overtook Vojtíšek, Altenstrasser, Allgauer and Oliver, taking the lead in the fifth round. "I said to myself that I had a fairly cheap victory in my pocket, when Mario Kress informed me in the walkie-talkie that David was approaching me from the rear". Bösiger´s surprise was justified at that moment, for his colleague from the Buggyra team had had a very adrenaline start. "It was like in an action film. I suddenly found myself approaching a truck driven in the opposite direction. I had to leave the track," David described the start, after which he ranked eleventh. "There was Antonio in front of me, and so I used him as the ram. In the sixth round I ranked third and noticed that the “ram” was slowing me down. And so I overtook him. This was not enough for a victory but I am really satisfied. In comparison to Assen the truck is about something completely different". Bösiger was obviously satisfied too, for he was the first trucker of this season to win the maximum number of 30 score points in one day, thus cutting Albacete ´s advantage by ten points. "I would like to repeat this tomorrow, but David will certainly be against."

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