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Petr Bosnakov - 30.12.2021

Shakedown is over, now it is time for technical scrutineering

The first task at Dakar Rally is over, as Tatra Buggyra Racing and Buggyra ZM Racing team finished their shakedowns without any problems. Now, they focus on technical scrutineering, which should go just as easily.


Shakedown is over, now it is time for technical scrutineering

The chief constructer David Vršecký attributes this to an early start at the Hail International Rally. “First of all, we managed to figure out, what problems we might face. So, we have all the spare parts, and we have a big service with us. We also know that every technical delegate might interpret rules a bit differently, so we just made sure to know all the details. Thanks to that, our technical scrutineering should be just a formality,” says David, who is enjoying all the recent changes. “The Can-Am specials will be regulated by the FIA, which means an adoption of a quick and safe refuelling system. The times of fuel spilling should be over.”


Ignacio Casale, who finished in the TOP 10 on his debut in the Trucks category this January, was full of excitement after the shakedown. “It’s going to be my third start in Saudi Arabia, and the organisers are getting better and better. In comparison to the last Dakar, we’ve improved our technology. My Tatra is significantly faster now. I don’t know what about the competition, but I expect to be able to battle the fastest Kamaz and Iveco trucks for the podium. I feel completely fine. Not that I would be counting every minute until the start, I’ve already got some experience under my belt, but I’m really excited,” confirmed the three-time Dakar winner in quad bikes.

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