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Silver and Bronze with Handicap!

Silver and Bronze with Handicap!

The second and the third ranking were obtained in the final cup race in the Spanish town of Albacete by the Buggyra truckers. Markus Bösiger ranked second after the winner Hahn, and David Vršecký ranked third!

And yet the Swiss trucker, so far very unlucky today, could even think of the victory. He started excellently, and immediately took the second position after Markus Altenstrasser as soon as after the first round. The Austrian trucker, like on Saturday, proved to be a difficult rival, though. In addition, as usually happens, the third rival at the back made use of the duel between the first two drivers. This time the third rival taking the advantage of the duel in front of him was Jochen Hahn, who soon overtook both Markuses. "I made a mistake and Jochen made use of it. What can you do," glossed Bösiger after the prize-giving ceremony. "Altenstrasser probably very strongly wanted to win and he somewhat could not bear the end of the race psychically.”

The poor psychic status of the young Austrian was also made use of by Vršecký, who again trained Albacete how to fight for the third ranking. Albacete therefore had to cope with the fact that he would not climb the winners´ rostrum for the first time in this season. "Antonio was slightly annoyed by that, which pleased Markus and me. We have thus reduced his advantage by a couple of points. Not many, but every score point counts." The results after the weekend in Albacete: Albacete (159), followed by Bösiger (128) and Vršecký (125).

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