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Silver Conclusion!

Silver Conclusion!

Excellent condition was shown by David in the final cup race at the British racing circuit in Donington. Following yesterday ´s victory he managed the silver rank today!

On the dry circuit David employed his racing experience and held the fourth rank after start, following Janiec. He held the “potato medal” rank until the fifth lap, when he overtook the French trucker. Then a new challenge appeared in front of David, Adam Lacko. “I held a podium rank but every duel with Adam is always very prestigious. And there was enough time,” described David his state of mind in the middle of the race. In the ninth lap, in the train with Lacko and Östreich, Vršecký gained the second rank. “I like the manoeuvre I did. I could see in my rear-view mirrors that Markus overtook Adam,” David expressed his satisfaction. At that moment the leading Kiss held the advantage of five seconds. “I wanted to win but the race suddenly began to pass much too quickly. Two cups and thirty seven points, that is not a result to be rejected, though,” concluded David on his successful weekend in Donington.

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