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Silver David!

Silver David!

The second ranking in the Sunday opening cup race at the Jarama track belonged to David Vršecký. The only defeater of the past and present European Champion was Antonio Albacete!

After the second best time in the time practice, Vršecký started the cup race from the first row, where his partner was Antonio Albacete. The start was much better on the part of the European Champion. “I did not understand after the start how such an excellent driver as Albacete could make such big mistakes. He simply overslept,” said David about the opening section of the race. But Vršecký enjoyed the lead for a single lap only, as in the second lap Albacete took over in front of the hundred thousand spectators. “I pay tribute to the Spanish fans, who did not give up after yesterday and came to cheer Antonio. I could see how much he wanted to win. I did not want to have a driver behind me for the twelve laps who is able to send his rival into the crash barriers like he did yesterday. I am happy about my second ranking."

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