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Silver Handicap!

Silver Handicap!

David Vršecký´s last performance at the Misano circuit eventually brought him a place on the winners´ rostrum. He eventually ranked second, only unable to overtake the Spaniard Albacete.

It was evident immediately after start that the European Champion was not deprived of his peace of mind by the strange penalisation. After a couple of curves he reached the third ranking after Albacete, who was cutting the advantage of the leading Lacko. "All worked well. Even though Hahn stuck to my back I did not pay any excessive attention to him. I was more interested in what was going on in front of me,” described David the first third of the race. At the end of the first part Albacete took the lead from Lacko, whose MAN was unable to cope with the quicker trucks around him. I knew I needed to go ahead but Adam is not an easy guy to overtake. In addition I was followed closely by Jochen and I certainly did not want the saying that if two Czechs fight a German laughs to come true.”

At the end of the sixth round Adam applied too long braking, which both of his followers could benefit from. “Meanwhile Antonio increased his advantage and so any attempts were already in vain. So I peacefully watched Jochen and ranked second,” explained David after the finish adding that despite all the trouble he did not consider the weekend in Misano completely unsuccessful. “It is useless to speculate about the interim ranking without my penalisation. We have the data and the motivation. Thanks to all for excellent work.

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